Radiation Oncology project

Our vision

  • To the best of our knowledge, most countries suffer from a huge lack of modern oncology radiation services for cancer patients.
  •  Our abilities allow us to plan and purchase professionals training, back-up of the latest Radiotherapy clinic services in any chosen country/city.
  • Strategy program for one main center, which will serve and control ‘satellite’ small centers to provide coverage to other cities.
  • The above Radiotherapy center will be operated by local professionals,
    who will be trained with the latest and most advanced knowledge, techniques and Israeli methods at a leading Israeli
    Cancer medical center.
  • Ongoing & backup support (24/7) by top-level Professionals in our Israeli team.


Equipment list (for example)

  1. Two linear accelerators – capable of providing quick and effective IMRT/IGRT treatment delivery, Stereotactic radiotherapy and Stereotactic body radiotherapy.
    Each accelerator will be fully equipped with the most updated accessories and will
    be capable to treat most patients in the most advanced treatment delivery options.
    These Linear accelerators will also be equipped to deliver 4D treatments and adaptive treatments.
  2. CT simulator – large bore and high-level which will be equipped with a high-level software package for a full 4D scans, as well as full diagnostic package.
  3. Small equipment & construction – According to the local MOH law.


All the software packages will be Cloud based for archiving and full remote access for remote support at all levels.
This will allow remote consultation and treatment planning, as well as equipment remote diagnostics and upgrades.

Oncology Information System

Latest version available equipped with all components required for fully paperless and efficient environment.
The system will include enough stations licenses for ‘bottle necks’ avoiding.

Treatment Planning System

Latest version with full IMRT, 4D, SRT and SBRT planning capabilities.
Enhanced with AI package for rapid and accurate planning.
Full package of QA equipment to ensure precise and accurate delivery.


The right & adjusted, P2P systems.

Economy program (Business Plan):

Planned for your uses, which will lead you, systematic & professional for efficiency and profitability.
Planned for your specific needs to lead you to systematic and professional efficiency and profitability.